Social media refresher course – tick

This week I did 12 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) via a great social media masterclass with Ed Goodman at Socialb. Being self-employed, professional self-improvement seemed to have fallen down the priority list much in the same way my website had. But now I’ve been inspired to update my online presence – facebook, linked in, web – though I’m still only dipping my toe in twitter other than to use it for news. Mostly though I’m looking forward to using the knowledge with clients or future employers. But I’m still working out how people have the time to update everywhere? Maybe they don’t sleep or eat? Or maybe its just like exercise and once it becomes part of your life, you just do it as a matter of course. Let’s hope so, and on that, I’m off to the gym.


social media cpd

Welcome to PRsue Communication

Welcome to PRsue Communication. After eight years as a self-employed PR professional I decided it was high time revisit my website and actually look like a PR professional. I don’t know if its true that mechanics have the worst cars, but PR people should not have the worst websites. No excuses but what with running my own business, working with exciting clients and everything life throws at you in between, I guess a website was not top of the priority list. Let’s hope its not another eight years (Ed my social media trainer would kill me for a start!).